Who Gets Colonics?           

Colonics are for everyone. Colonics are easy, normal, and necessary. Due to pollutants in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat, it is necessary to develop self-care practices that support regular detoxification and promote optimal health.

Many of our clients have been getting colonics regularly (1-4 times per month) for years. These are healthy people who enjoy the feeling of lightness that colonics offer them by regularly unburdening their bodies of excess waste. These people enjoy the colonic and usually have a fairly healthy lifestyle. Some of these clients look forward to annual trips to detox focused spas like We Care Spa in Palm Springs. These seasoned vets are shining examples of health and we love them for their dedication to their self-care practice.

We see lots of cleansers. Whether you’re doing your first ever juice cleanse or you’re a seasonal cleansing veteran, we can’t wait to meet and support you. If you have questions about WHEN to schedule a colonic during your cleanse, give us a call so we can help advise you.

First timers are a significant percentage of our clientele. With a growing awareness to routinely cleanse, we are seeing more new clients than ever! We want to welcome you as a first timer to our space. We know that colonics can be intimidating. Scouring the internet late night can produce some scary stories about “blow-outs”, embarrassment, and confusion around the process. Worry no more. At San Francisco Colonics, we are here to explain the process thoroughly so you aren’t left wondering “what” will happen. Also, the LIBBE is hands down the best FDA registered equipment to have a colonic on ESPECIALLY if this is your first time. There is no risk of accidents, making a mess, and there’s zero embarrassment. We offer complete privacy and comfort. Want a tummy warmer, your favorite essential oil defused, or to watch your favorite show? You can totally zone out listening to music or get caught up on Mad Men. We created this space to make colonics approachable and comfortable for everyone-especially the first timer.

Many of our clients experience digestive distress or less than optimal transit time. If you are constipated, look no further. The BEST colonic system for those with lots of waste to release is the LIBBE. The LIBBE allows pushing; there is no risk of clogging the tube or having an embarrassing “blow out”. It’s the most advanced open system on the market and ours is the newest in San Francisco, featuring the latest technology for a thorough colon evacuation. If you’re feeling backed up after traveling and eating different food, we can offer you immediate relief. If you’re gluten free but you’re pretty certain you “got glutened” (even though you asked your server what was in that sauce), come in quick so we can help you get that ick out of your system. We see many people in these emergency situations. Sometimes painkillers after surgery can be constipating. We’ve all been there and we’re here to offer you immediate relief after a single session.

One thing is for certain: more and more people are searching for detox modalities to support their body when they can. Whether you’re doing your first cleanse or have a regular home enema practice, colonics will only enhance your ability to support your body and achieve optimum health. Colonics are a part of a healthy lifestyle that will help you maintain balance and detox from the challenges of an urban lifestyle.