All colonic equipment is categorized under one of two umbrellas: open systems or closed systems. In a closed system colonic the speculum (the piece that goes inside of your body via the rectum) is two inches in diameter and needs to go inside of you at least four and a half inches. The therapist sits in the room with you the entire time and you communicate with that therapist about when you feel the need to “release” (a.k.a. have a bowel movement). All waste that passes out of your body will need to be broken up enough to pass through that speculum and out through the tube. The problem with this is that many people will clog the tube and experience extreme pressure and discomfort and be forced to “unhook” from the equipment to run to the restroom and try not to have an accident on the way there. This happens to one third of all people who experience the closed system.

With the LIBBE (the most advanced and sophisticated of the open systems), the insertion of the nozzle (the piece that goes inside of your body via the rectum) is the diameter of a pencil and goes inside of you one and a half inches. Considering the fact that everyone passes waste bigger than this (hopefully) every single day, this is no big deal and everyone can do it. The nozzle delivers purified water to your colon. When you feel the need to have a release, you don’t have to ask for permission to poop from a therapist because you’re in a room alone, with total privacy. The LIBBE allows you to push, stimulating your own peristalsis (the closed system does not allow for this). All waste flows directly out of your body into a basin, down a clear pipe (for your viewing pleasure) just like on the toilet. There’s an air filtration system and a high-powered flusher to discard all waste. There’s no odor, there are no emergencies, there are no clogs and you don’t have to run to the bathroom. All equipment is sterilized, and new sterile disposable FDA regulated tubes and nozzles are used for each appointment. The LIBBE features pressure and temperature control sensors, back flow prevention valves, and water is purified using filtration and UV bulbs.

Most people who have experienced both systems will prefer the LIBBE. The ability to have complete privacy from beginning to end allows you to relax and have better releases without the fear of equipment malfunction. The ability to push is just like swallowing; muscle memory takes over and your peristalsis is activated, allowing you to release faster and release more waste in a colonic. Because you can push, you do not need a therapist pressing on your stomach, trying to manually stimulate your own peristalsis (which for many people has become compromised and is the reason they’re getting a colonic in the first place).