Preparation And After-Care

Water Consumption

For the most effective and productive colonic, you want to make sure that you’re well hydrated. Most people who experience less than optimal transit time are dehydrated. To find how many ounces of water you should drink in a day:

-Divide your body weight in half

-Add 8 ounces for every caffeinated beverage you consume

-Add 8-16 ounces for every hour of your daily exercise routine

Meeting your water needs everyday for two weeks will help to rehydrate your tissues. Water consumption is extremely important for optimal health and acts as a vehicle for removing unwanted toxins, especially when cleansing. Filtered water is best.

Show up to your appointment as hydrated as you can. With the LIBBE system, you can relieve your bladder at anytime very comfortably so it’s not necessary to stop drinking water before your appointment.


If you're not on a cleanse, stop eating 2-4 hours before your scheduled appointment. This will make your colonic more comfortable as your body will not be digesting and eliminating at the same time. Failure to do this can result in nausea and occasionally vomiting during your session. If you do vomit during your treatment, we charge an additional clean up fee of $75. Do not consume alcohol the night before your treatment. Please do not come in hung over. We are not responsible if you fail to meet this standard and we will not cancel your appointment should you skip this step. 

Following your appointment we suggest eating lightly steamed vegetables, having bone broth or a blended soup, or a mono meal of pineapple (rich in bromelain). Many people will benefit from taking HCL or a digestive enzyme with their next meal following a colonic. For best results we suggest proper food combining following your colonic.


If you are constipated, we suggest taking a therapeutic dose of a water soluble magnesium the night before and after your treatment. This will help to draw water into the colon and keep stool from dehydrating and becoming difficult to move. Natural Calm is available at Whole Foods and can help minimize cramping sensations during your session. Please stop all fiber supplementation, stool softeners, and laxatives before coming in.