Harmful Organism (Parasite) Cleanse


Believe it or not, parasites are incredibly common.  You may contract a parasite(s) from your dog, undercooked meats or fish, raw vegetables, infested water, and contributory poor hygiene.  

Not only do parasites feed off the nutrients intended to fuel you, but they may actually play a significant role in poor food cravings that allow them to feed and grow.  Parasites typically lay eggs around the full moon, so we begin your cleanse at the same time to target both the old and new.  Our parasite cleanse is an effective and rigorous patterned cleanse with a 3 week active/on period followed by 1 week inactive/off period; this pattern is repeated for three cycles (a total of 9 weeks of active cleansing over an 11 week period). During an active three week cleansing cycle, we supplement you with 2 LifeFood drinks and 1 soup each day (read more about the LifeFood Difference). In addition, you are provided with herbal support to be taken before your meals.  We provide additional detailed dietary guidelines to make your cleanse a smashing success.  

During the two 1 week breaks, you will not eat LifeFood and instead will be provided a dietary outline of whole-food recommendations.  In addition, you are provided with Parasite Formula, Alpha/Omega, BlueMate, and LifeColloid which target the die-off of parasites.   



9 weeks of LifeFood: 2 drinks + 1 soup daily for 3 weeks (repeated 3 cycles)

Kroeger Herb Wormwood Kit 

Food-based formulas: Alpha, Omega, BlueMate, LifeColloid, & Parasite Formula

9 Colonics 


Total: $4,125