Probiotic: the goal of probiotic supplements is to introduce gut friendly bacteria to your large intestine. When taken orally, it’s questionable how much of that probiotic is bioavailable to the colon once making it past the acidic environment of your stomach. In a colonic, a probiotic can be implanted exactly where you want it, the large intestine. We can supply a probiotic (we offer FOS free probiotics for those adhering to a gut healing protocol) or you can bring your therapeutic dosage probiotic from your doctor. We offer a variety of probiotic choices ranging in price: $20-$122

B Vitamins: Most people are b vitamin deficient. With the absorbability of the colon, b vitamins will instantly add energy to the rest of your day. $25

Organic Coffee: In true Gerson style, we have you take a quart of coffee brewed for maximum liver detoxification. You will feel amazing afterwards. Choose organic dark roast or organic green bean coffee: $25-$30

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide: If you are doing a parasite cleanse, food grade hydrogen peroxide is a must. Food grade hydrogen peroxide has the ability to kill parasites, and a colonic has the ability to flush them out immediately: $25

Grapefruit Seed Extract: If you have a candida diagnosis from your doctor and they have determined that the particular yeast strain you have will respond to grapefruit seed extract, this can be extremely beneficial in expediting the die off and detoxification process: $25

 Food Grade Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll is a powerful antioxidant that helps to oxygenate and cleanse the blood. A great addition to any colonic: $20


**Additives require your medical doctor's written instruction. Please obtain a prescription from your doctor and we will be happy to provide you with this service.