First Time? Welcome!

Welcome to San Francisco Colonics! For first timers, we offer a one time special promotional package of 3 sessions for $345 following your first 90 Minute First Time Appointment at $165. This promotional rate expires in 30 days from the time of purchase (the dollar amount does not expire and you’re welcome to use any remaining credit towards future sessions or packages of colonics with us). 

We intend for our first time clients to use all 4 sessions within two weeks of beginning services with us as a MINIMUM introduction to colon hydro therapy. Colonics may seem invasive if you’re approaching the modality for the first time but they actually work very gently as results build throughout a series. Many clients will say they want to try a single session to, “see how they feel after one”. While you’re welcome to book a single colonic, to give colonics a real, “try”, we suggest booking a series to start. Just as you wouldn’t say you went on a juice cleanse if you had one green drink for lunch, one colonic is not a sufficient “colon cleanse”. You can check out our Cleanses section to see that our Colon Cleanse includes 7 colonics in 7 days; our 5 Day Liver Gallbladder Flush includes 3 colonics; our 14 Day LifeFood Cleanse includes 6 colonics, and so on. 

What does a First Colonic achieve? A first session removes waste but most people will find it challenging to “hold” (retain) the water for very long. Many people will perspire (a beginning sign of liver detoxification), and experience cramping sensations as peristalsis takes over and the bowels begin to empty. These sensations can be quite unpleasant but usually pass after the first session is over. Some people will continue to feel fluish in the first day or so to follow. That’s where many people STOP cleansing altogether. Their deductive reasoning is that unpleasant = negative = bad for you. The reality is that the body has begun the detoxification process and as counterintuitive as it may seem, the antidote is another colonic (sometimes we book clients two days in a row or one day “off” in between their first two sessions for this reason).

When you remove the waste in the large intestine, gut bacteria will be starved of their usual food source (your waste is ultimately what your gut bacteria feed on). Rapid die off of bacteria can create a Herxheimer reaction (the very reason you should consider coming in the next day or so to rinse out). During a second session is when the majority of our clients say they feel much better afterwards. “What if I’m really healthy?” This is the most common question we get when clients call our office and hear our suggestion of doing a minimum of 4 sessions to get started. While you’re more than welcome to come in for a single colonic, many of our clients are tired after a first session and do experience signs of detoxification regardless of healthy diet or exercise regimen. With this in mind, we designed our introductory promotional package so that first time clients can experience what colon hydro therapy has to offer.

First Time (90 minute) Appointment: $165
-a discount of $37.50 from our normal hourly rate

Promotional Package of 3 (60 minute) follow up sessions: $345
-discounted from our normal package of 3 for $375 (savings of $60 from single session price)
-unit price $115 for each session (this is the lowest price per session that we can accommodate and a rate that can only otherwise be achieved by purchasing 10 sessions)
-promotional rate expires 30 days from purchase (remaining dollar amount can be put towards future services)

We offer all of our First Time Appointments the option to fill out our Digestive Wellness Intake forms for $50. Our Digestive Wellness Intake forms ask you more than 320 detailed questions about your health status, allowing us to take a peek into your digestive and nutritive profile. When we look at your digestive wellness profile we will be able to match you with supplements specific to your digestive health. Your digestive health (how you process the foods you eat; the way you introduce your insides to the outside world) is the cornerstone of your health. Gut health ultimately determines your immune system and an overloaded GI does not make for a healthy and vibrant life. Colonics are a great way to clear out the old; we also like to help you understand what foods will be supportive and nourishing in maintaining a healthy GI tract after cleansing with us.

How to Get Started