Candida Cleanse

In your colon live numerous bacterial strains and micro-organisms.  They are responsible for managing the environment and play a crucial role in nutrient uptake, especially of vitamins and minerals.  This natural uptake and assimilation have influence on your daily function, ranging from mental well-being to radiant skin.  

Recent research shows that digestive distress and other metabolic imbalance(s) are closely related to over-growth of Candida Albicans, a form of yeast.  Candida may find foothold in individuals with weakened immune systems or serve to weaken immune response, as Candida’s metabolic waste leads to added toxic burden (remember, Candida is a living thing).  This may lead to viral or bacterial susceptibility, reduced toxic tolerance, and even systemic proliferation in the bloodstream and brain.

Our 42 day Candida Cleanse offers a multi-facetted approach: 


  1. Nutritive support to your gut lining, healthy bacterial colonization and easy nutrient assimilation, with a LifeFood drink and soup each day that are delivered to you (you can read more about LifeFood Difference)

  2. LifeFood drinks offer moderate metabolic fuels that coax Candida from its systemic hiding places into the open; whereby,

  3. Targeted herbal formulas taken before meals promote Candida die-off; and

  4. 2 colonics each week keep Candida’s metabolic toxins at bay and remove the dead bacterial strains.



42 Days of LifeFood (2 supportive products each day)

Kroeger Herb Candida Kit

12 colonics & 12 implants

Total: $2,950