How to Get Started

1. Book a Consultation: consultations are done by holistic nutrition consultant, Lauren O’Neill. We will send you an electronic questionnaire with over 320 questions that can be completed in about 20 minutes. This detailed questionnaire collects information about your health and digestion as it relates to your overall well being. Completing this questionnaire is a great way to begin with our practice as it affords us a very detailed overview into how we can support you with lifestyle practices, supplements, specific cleanse programs, as well as protocols. A consultation with one of our nutritionists is $250. If you are a new client and would like to be matched with supplements to address digestive discomfort, we charge $50 to complete our intake process. This discounted rate does not include a consult but does pair you with supplements, protocols, and cleanse suggestions. If you require more education around digestion, book a consult. If you like easy to follow protocols and feel confidant using supplements, complete our questionnaire and have your supplements waiting for you after your first colonic appointment (cost of supplements not included).

2. Call with Questions: we are known for spending time on the phone with first time clients who need answers about the services they’ll be receiving, safety, cleanliness, cleanse programs, digestive struggles, etc. Don’t hesitate to call. You’ll be speaking to one of our colon hydro therapists who cares very much for helping people and seeing them to the other side of digestive wellness, healthy weight, and overall vibrancy. We do suggest taking the time to read our website thoroughly, as we’ve spent considerable time to answer first time questions that most clients have under FAQ. If we are busy with clients, we may need to schedule a time to speak with you later in the day or the next day, depending on how much you’d like to share about your specific health challenges and goals.

3. Book a Cleanse Program: the best way to approach colon hydro therapy is to incorporate colonics in a cleanse that targets ALL channels of elimination: lymph, lungs, kidneys, colon, skin, blood, and liver. No cleanse is complete without colonics; and the most productive colonics happen when you’re on a cleanse. Detoxification is multifaceted and requires stimulation of all detox pathways to be considered a truly healing experience. If your diet is great/mediocre/awful, book yourself a cleanse! You deserve it; your body is the only place you have to live.

4. Book a Colonic: you are more than welcome to book single sessions of colon hydro therapy with us. If you’re constipated, why wait? Book a colonic. If you’re traveling and want a single session, book with us, we’d love to have you. Our facilities are very clean and we provide complementary amenities: fuzzy socks, tummy warmer, blankets, tea, electrolyte water, probiotics, WiFi, and aromatherapy in your treatment room. A colonic is NOT: a comprehensive digestive consultation (that’s a separate service that we offer, see “consultations”), a cleanse, or waste analysis (colon hydro therapists do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition). We do facilitate wonderful colonics in a very safe & clean environment. We provide comfort, cleanliness, privacy, and ease when it comes to approaching colonics. We aim to be informative, kind, and honest, and we’d love to have you.