14 Day LifeFood Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse

The 14 Day LifeFood Liver/Gallbladder cleanse is a thorough two week cleanse involving two gallbladder flushes and one liver flush.  Colonics are included both before and after each flush (see 5 Day Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse for details regarding flush).  In addition, you’ll receive 14 days of LifeFood and several food based cleansing formulas.  14 days of ultra-nourishing LifeFood, a liquid based diet, offers not only extreme detoxification, but also significant hydration and incredible healing to your digestive tract.  This cleanse is a great pivot for someone who needs to change the direction of his/her health quickly.



14 Days of 100% Organic LifeFood for all meals prepared by a personal chef & nutritionist

Food-based formulas: Evacuease, Digest Aid, Wildzymes, LifeColloid, Alpha, Omega, BlueMate

Supplements: B vitamins, Magnesium

Castor Oil pack (flannel & 16oz organic castor oil)

Colonics: 6 colonics, 3 coffee enemas, 2 trace mineral implants, 1 probiotic implant


LifeFood Difference

LifeFood offers delicious, liquid-based, whole-food meals that provide you with extreme nourishment of essential amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, simple carbohydrates and hydration.  LifeFood is prepared fresh for you during your cleanse using 100% organic, locally sourced ingredients that keep you feeling energized, satiated and digesting optimally. Here are some of the benefits:


    1    LifeFood contains all of the enzymes necessary for metabolization. All LifeFood is blended so that you are drinking all of your meals, which allows for maximal absorption of nutrients. This affords the gastrointestinal tract a break from mechanical and chemical breakdown of food.

    2    Blended food offers amazing hydration. Often times, it takes many colonics and many days of consuming liquids to rehydrate material that has become stuck in the small and/or large intestine. LifeFood is the ideal sustenance for sustaining life while allowing accumulated materials to breakdown and dislodge in the intestines for safe delivery out of the body.

    3    The balance of sugar, fat, fiber and added minerals in LifeFood make all the difference in your ability to be successful, compliant, and satiated while cleansing. Sugar from tree or wild honey fuels the liver to do the necessary work of purging and pulling toxins from where they are stored.  Unheated cold pressed oils from olive, flax, and coconut, offer amazing fatty acids with an emphasis on Omega 3s over the more common Omega 6s.  Calcium rich raw foods offer a break from a diet heavy in phosphorus, stoping the process of calcification and even reversing it's effects. Fiber promotes regular bowel movements, giving gut bacteria plenty of good food, while minerals from Celtic sea salt keep electrolytes in balance.

    4    Unlike juice that has gone through heating or pasteurization, LifeFood is never heated, so it contains all the necessary enzymes for its optimal metabolization while maintaining a much higher nutrient content and a much higher life force vibration.

    5    Our food based cleansing formulas work best with his protocol and his protocol is LifeFood. LifeFood is essentially super-nutrient-dense baby food. LifeFood is appropriate for people with small intestine permeability and inflammation.


Total: $2850